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Ms. MaryEllen Beirne
Grade 6 Assistant Principal
Ms. Cacanando-Zimmet


718-961-3480 x2242

Grade 7 Assistant Principal
Mr. Fitzgerald


718-961-3480 x2210

Grade 8 Assistant Principal
Ms. DePoalo


718-961-3480 x1256

Grade 6 Guidance Counselor
Ms. Petruskie



718-961-3480 x2241

Grade 7 Guidance Counselor
Ms. Marsalek


718-961-3480 x2210

Grade 8 Guidance Counselor
Mr. Flaxman


718-961-3480 x1091

Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Counselor
Ms. Eberlein


Ms. Piccolo


718-961-3480 x1255

English Language Arts Teachers

Grade 6Ms. Chin, Ms. M. Lee, Ms. Monahan, Ms. Unz, Ms. Walsh


Grade 7: Ms. Chin, Mr. Cuchapin, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. PetrogliaMs. Samuel, Mr. Teleski


Grade 8:  Mr. Calvet, Ms. Ituarte, Ms. KolanskyMs. PetrogliaMr. Russo 


Mathematics Teachers

Grade 6Mr. CovelliMr. Merry, Mr. ParkMr. Pramberger, Ms. Steinman, Mr. Ubaldini

Grade 7: Ms. GellineauMs. KhullarMs. SchenkeinMs. Silighigian, Ms. TapiaMr. Ubaldini, Mr. Vargas

Grade 8Ms. Hall, Ms. Fong, Mr. LoCascioMs. Mendieta, Ms. SilighigianMs. Steinman, Ms. Sun, Mr. Vargas



Science Teachers

Grade 6Ms. BallingerMs. Kumar, Mr. MerryMs. Triunfo, Mr. Ubaldini

Grade 7:  Ms. GravesandeMs. Kumar, Ms. Sakol

Grade 8Mr. CalvetMs. DelaneyMs. KumarMs. Hall



Social Studies Teachers

Grade 6Mr. EngelMr. Geller, Ms. GoldenbergMr. Rivara

Grade 7Mr. BayerMr. EngelMr. Mertz, Mr. Rotella  

Grade 8Ms. Anello, Mr. Caviris, Mr. RotellaMr. Weintraub


Special Education Supervisor

Mr. Kerschman

The Arts

Visual ArtMs. Jarowey, Mr. Tsamis

BandMr. Copell

ChorusMr. Berger

DanceMs. Nuszer

KeyboardMs. Mishina


Physical Education

Ms. Belmonte 

Ms. Penn

Mr. Margaroli


Foreign Language (Grade 8 only)

SpanishMs. Aspiazu

Korean: Ms. Choi, Ms. J. Lee


English as a New Language

Ms. Choi

Ms. J. Lee

Ms. M. Lee
Mr. Louis

Ms. Rom

Ms. J. Sun



Ms. Bayron

Mr. Conroy

Ms. Fanelli​

Mr. Fries

Ms. Imperiale

Ms. Kim

Mr. Kim

Ms. Sayarack-Li

Ms. Li

Ms. Lin

Ms. Loser
Mr. Matozzo

Ms. Matozzo​

Ms. Minhas

Mr. Wu



School Based Support Team (SBST)

School PsychologistMs. Appel

Family WorkerMs. Fanto

Social WorkerMs. Michelena



Payroll: Ms. DiVanna

Pupil AccountingMs. Herlihy

Purchasing: Ms. Mazzo


School Aids

AttendanceMs. Varela

School OperationsMr. CappelliMs. Chow

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