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Petition for Additional Crossing Guard

Traffic conditions around I.S. 25 / WJPS school have always been a problem. Speeding cars, improper drop off, congestion, improper crossing (between cars, double parked cars), and lack of crossing guards all create hazardous conditions for our children and staff. Recently two children from neighboring schools have been struck by cars, one is in critical condition. Both accidents happened in the same week. Children, parents and staff have been hit by cars by our school as well. Most on the corner of 192nd Street and 35th Ave. There is no light at this corner and no assigned crossing guard. So in wake of these new accidents, past accidents and near misses, we are petitioning the NYPD to secure an additional crossing guard for this dangerous corner. We would be remiss to sit back and do nothing when every indication is that this corner is a tragedy waiting to happen. Please sign our petition, this isn't just a school issue, it’s a community issue.

Click HERE for petition.


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