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Principal's Message - June 2017

Dear Adrien Block I.S. 25 families,

THANK YOU for all of your enthusiasm and support during the 2016-2017 school year! I would like to share with you some of our proudest moments of the school year.

Highlights of 2016-2017

  • 100% of our 8th grade SP students passed three major Regents: Algebra I, American History, and Living Environment.

  • Our Debate Team brought home trophies from every tournament.

  • Our Soccer Team won the New York City Middle School Soccer Championship.

  • Parent engagement increased with numerous family events including: Movie Night, Ice Skating/Family Night, SEM Showcase, Family Science Night, Career Day, Spring Concert

  • Record setting fundraiser for St. Mary's Children's Hospital, approximately $9,000 donated.

  • 125 students were inducted into the Junior National Honor Society (Arista) by maintaining an average of 90% and above in grades 7 and 8.

  • Senator Tony Avella donated $10,000 through Project Boost for enrichment trips and activities for students.

  • Senator Tony Avella donated two bicycle racks inspired by Brianna Maher, class of 2017.

  • Grade 8 SP students took Korean during the school year and were most successful; enjoyed the food, language, and activities.

  • Grade 6 SP students engaged in the STEM Pilot program where they learned how to navigate a flight simulator and develop flight patterns.

  • Students continued to raise money to build wells in Sudan, collected toys for children, cans for City Harvest, clothing and essential items for Veterans, jeans for teens, Pennies for Patients.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer filled with reading, relaxation and rejuvenation!


Your Principal, Mrs. Beirne

P.S. Remember to complete your summer reading assignments :)


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