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Opportunity to Participate in Respect for All Essay, Poster, and Multimedia Contest

As part of October’s National Anti-Bullying Month and the DOE’s Respect for All initiative, each superintendent is invited to review and select winning district essays, posters, and multimedia creations (e.g., audio, video and animation) for the Respect for All essay, poster, and multimedia contest. The contest gives students an opportunity to raise awareness about bullying through their writing, artwork, and multimedia expressions.

Note that principals will be instructed to submit one essay, one poster, and one multimedia creation to their superintendent by November 13. Superintendents should select winning submissions to represent their district by November 30. Superintendent teams should review the guidelines for examples of rubrics and indicators to determine the winning submissions.

Superintendents are encouraged to announce and celebrate all submissions at their monthly Community Education Council meetings. After recognizing schools and students, superintendents should email selected district-winning submissions to Jolan Nagi by January 31.



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