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Korean Program


Adrien Block IS 25
Arista National Junior Honor Society

Eighth grade students who have maintained an average of 90% in grades 7 and 8 are inducted into the Honor Society in June of their 8th grade year.  Students must have evidence of 25 hours of community service, and behavior must be satisfactory.

Our Classes
General Education

Classes are taught by a team of teachers who utilize common planning periods to develop lessons and units.  Time is dedicated to aligning instruction to the Common Core Learning Standards.  Teachers monitor data to address the needs of every student.

Special Needs

We offer placements in Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT), 12:1, and 12:1:1 environments.  ALL STUDENTS participate in a traveling program and are taught by content area specialists regardless of physical, emotional, or learning challenges.  Classes are taught by a team of teachers who develop Common Core Learning Standards aligned instruction.  Our support services include Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Special Education teacher Support Services (SETTS) and Guidance.

Adrien Block IS 25
Adrien Block IS 25
English as a New Language


English as a New Language (ENL) classes are provided for students who are English  Language Learners based on a Language Assessment Battery test. Students learn to read, write and speak English in group instruction based on their level of proficiency. All ENL instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. In addition, ENL classes strive to help students share, preserve and celebrate their own cultural traditions and heritage.                                  



Student Government

Students are encouraged to join the Student Government and have an opportunity to participate in Student Government activities. Each class elects a representative for Student Government and each grade has a single grade representative.  


Adrien Block IS 25
Adrien Block IS 25
Honor Roll*

Principal’s List:                     95 - 100%

First Honors:                        90 - 94.9%

Second Honors:                   85 - 89.9%


*In order to receive honors, students cannot receive a mark lower than 80% in any major subject.

Korean Program

Adrien Block IS 25 has been providing the after school Korean Program to extend the Dual Language Program of our neighboring elementary school.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students to be involved in Korean Language and Culture.  This program is designed to give students formal language instruction including various cultural experiences through extracurricular activities such as Taekwondo, Korean Dance, Calligraphy, and many more (subject to change).


Adrien Block IS 25
Adrien Block IS 25
Parent Teacher Association

I.S. 25 has an active PTA.  Parent involvement plays an important role in the middle school experience. Parents are strongly encouraged to join and participate in all meetings and school events.  Meetings are held monthly.


Physical Education

We are participants in the C.H.A.M.P.S. athletics program.  Our football, cheerleading, soccer, fitness and baseball teams have won several tournaments over the past few years.

Students are required to participate in the Physical Education program to enhance their physical well being and develop skills, which produce a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. On the days that students have Phys Education class, they are required to wear the Physical Education uniform.  (Click here to order your unitform today!)


Adrien Block IS 25
Adrien Block IS 25
SP - Honors (in effect Fall 2023)

20%     Teacher Recommendation

60%     Report Card Grades      (students must have a minimum of an 80 in all subjects)

10%     ELA State Assessment  (minimum 3.5)

10%     Math State Assessment (minimum 3.5)


*Students must maintain an 80 and above in all subjects throughout all four marking periods. 

*If a student gets below an 80 in any subject, they will be placed on probation and a parent meeting will be held where possible removal from the program will be discussed. 

*In addition, placement in an SP class will be re-evaluated at the end of each school year using the above criteria.

Talent Program

Prior to attending I.S. 25, students are offered five talent options, and given the chance to rank them based on personal interest.  The following classes are part of our talent program: chorus, band, dance, art, and keyboard.  Students remain in the same talent class for all three years. 

Adrien Block IS 25
Adrien Block IS 25
Urban Advantage

Through the Urban Advantage Program, IS 25 has teamed up with leading science cultural institutions throughout the city to enhance classroom learning.  All students receive free family passes to zoos (Bronx and Staten Island), the NY Aquarium, Botanical Gardens (Brooklyn, Queens and NY), the NY Hall of Science and the Museum of Natural History where special programs that promote investigating science topics are awarded to the students and their families on specified days.  Additionally, Science teachers lead inquiry based experiments at the institutions during field studies and receive lab supplies to continue investigating in the classroom.  All this is completely funded by the City Council.  Urban Advantage is a great program that promotes high quality, experimental, and hands on science learning

Youth Outreach and Family Services

Our Youth Outreach and SAPIS worker along with our guidance counselors provide information and education concerning alcohol and drug abuse to individuals and groups of children. The educational program develops an awareness of alcohol and drug abuse problems in our community and assists students and parents by providing family assistance, crisis intervention and referral to health services. The goals of the program include improving self-image and developing decision-making and coping skills to more effectively deal with peer pressure.  There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying..

Adrien Block IS 25
Honor Roll
Phys. Ed.
Urban Adv
Youth & Fam Svcs
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