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2023-2024 8th grade Assistant Principal                                             2023-2024 8th grade Guidance Counselor


                                                Ms. Marlena Nadler                                                                                Ms. Valentina Marsalek


                                                718-961-3480 x2242                                                                               718-961-3480 x 2030   



Grade 8 School Supply List 2023-2024

High School Offer Workshops

We hope you had a relaxing summer. We are very excited to welcome back our students and be a part of your child's 8th grade experience. 


This year you will be receiving email from us regarding any High School-related matter for both Private and Public High schools, information that you need to know as we begin the process of applying to High School. 


At this time, anyone who is planning to apply to a private/Catholic High School please not that your child must take the TACHS exam. To register for this exam, please visit the TACHS website provided below. On this website you will also be able to find the TACHS Handbook in which the process of applying to private school is explained in more detail. However, I will also be holding a virtual meeting for parents who are planning to apply to a private school to convey the needed information. In case you are unable to make the meeting, or the process becomes confusing, I plan on holding virtual (Google Meets) office hours during school days where you are able to ask me any questions regarding High School related matters. Date/time are to be determined soon. 

If you require translation, we happily provide this--please let me know in advance so it can be arranged.

Please be aware that we are also informing students of all this information that we are providing you. 


Be mindful that the TACHS exam registration is now open and will close on October 26th. It can be completed online or via phone call. The form is due before or on October 6th and no later. Detailed information can be found in the TACHS Student Handbook at 


***ALL STUDENTS MUST APPLY TO PUBLIC SCHOOL regardless of if your child is applying to private school.


TACHS website (

Public High School information: 


A lot of the information regarding the process of how to apply to Public High School can be found online at the website provided below. I am waiting to hear back from High School Enrollment on when the MySchool Account codes will be released and how it will be shared with our families. Once we have this information, every IS 25 family will need to have an account in order to apply. I, Mrs. Marsalek, will be available to help with the process whether virtually or in person.


There will be virtual office hours with me about all things High School coming soon. I will create a google meets virtual office hours in the upcoming weeks. 


However, there will be orientations scheduled to help with the High School Application process. Dates and times are yet to be determined as we await to hear from high school enrollment.



High School (


In the meantime, if you have any questions please email Mrs. Marsalek at and be on the lookout for High School related emails that will be coming through this year but especially over the next upcoming weeks regarding deadlines, specialized high school applications, high school applications, office hours, and other related matter. It is important you stay up to date with deadlines. Please continue to check your email and the DOE website regularly.


Any questions? Please see Ms. Marsalek in room 203 or email



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