Welcome to 7th grade!

2021-2022 7th grade Assistant Principal                                     2021-2022 7th grade Guidance Counselor

                                                 Ms. Nancy DePoalo                                                                               Mr. Daniel Flaxman


                                                 718-961-3480 x 1256                                                                             718-961-3480 x 1091                                               







High School Readiness 

7th Grade is a very important year. It is the year that High Schools tend to mostly focus on. Therefore, it is important to make sure everyone does their best in every class. However, aside from the grades, student`s attendance and behavior is very important, too. Now would be a good time to check your records and make sure everything appears correctly and that there are no mistakes with your grades and attendance.

  • High School Information: In 7th grade students should begin exploring the different High Schools they might be interested in. On the NYC Department of Education website you can learn more about High Schools, Specialized High Schools and how to prepare for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. You can even find a High School Directory and instructions on how to apply for High School.  Click HERE to learn more about high school applications and the admissions process.

  • In order to provide more opportunities for families to learn about high schools and receive responses to their questions, the DOE will host two weekends of Borough High School fairs during fall 2018. The second weekend of the Borough High School fairs will replace the Citywide High School Admission fair. This year's fairs will be held in each borough on:

  • Pupil Path: It is highly encouraged that EVERY Student but also EVERY Parent/Guardian has a Pupil Path account. Often times, important information will be sent out through Pupil Path (especially regarding High Schools) and it is essential that everyone has a Pupil Path Account. Click HERE to access Pupil Path.  Please contact your Grade School Counselor if you do not have an account yet.


Grade 7 School Supply List